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Great Dog Works was created by Emily Maloney over 8 years ago with the vision of helping pets and their owners on Cape Cod.  Our #1 priority is a stress free, fun experience for your furry companions while you are away from home so you can enjoy your time away without worry.  We are flexible and will do whatever we can to accommodate you and your pet's needs. 

Our Animal Care Professionals have experience handling all shapes and sizes of animal.  Whether purebred, mixed breed, dog, cat, or exotic, no animal is too big or too small.  Our focus is to treat each animal as an individual, so that each will have its needs met while in our care.  We have first hand experience with specialized care including post surgery care, administration of medication, and more.


Meet The Team


Emily Maloney



Caring for animals is my life.

I have always loved caring for animals, whether they are mine or yours, it truly gives me pleasure.  As a local, everyday I look forward to enjoying the Cape, whether I am walking in the parks, hiking in the woods, or finding new places to swim and kayak.  

I have owned a variety of different kinds of pets myself, but a lot of my experience has come from volunteering and working at the Animal Rescue League of Boston's Brewster branch for 5 years.  As part of my continuing education, I became a certified canine trainer through the Animal Behavior Institute.  My continued search for new information and training techniques is part of my dedication to keeping my charges safe and happy

 Justin Smith

Trusted employee


Animals are more than pets, they're family.

My love for animals led me to begin working with Great Dog Works full time in the fall of 2017.  

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